Out with The Old, in with The New

Dear Friends,

Our last Newsletter is sad and happy all rolled in to one. We are all emotional at the end of our time at the helm, but at the same time excited to see the energy and enthusiasm of the new Dounies; Andrew, Rebecca and Bob who moved in on Thursday, and David and Louise who many of you met last year.

With the pandemic still happening, it was another strange summer season with restrictions demanding a slow start. That said, lots of you managed to get here and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces and hear your reminiscences and good wishes for the future. We were lucky to have David and Agne back to work with us after their lockdown experience stranded in Morocco. Georgia also returned for a couple of months, and when she had to leave we found Hanna who fitted in immediately. A lovely team for our final year. We were happy that by the end of the summer we were operating on an almost normal footing and have hopes that next year will be back to business proper.

Many of you will remember the other folk at Doune so we thought this was a good time for a last update. Alan and Mary are still here and keeping well. Toby lives in Mallaig and visits them most weeks. Jamie and Penny are enjoying life at Gloucester and are busy as always. Alex is working in Munich and has a new partner, Jaya. Pippa has a new job in Lancaster so she and Carl have just moved. Ewan has moved to Paisley to be closer to his job and has settled in well. Life moves on!

For 2022, Doune will be open from 2 April to 1 October. Availability, booking and contact information are on our website as usual.

Andy and Liz will continue living at Doune while Martin and Jane are moving to Clashnessie in Assynt, no doubt we will be keeping in touch! Mary Doune will be operating for one more season. We wish David, Louise, Andrew, Rebecca and Bob every success with their new businesses.

Our very best wishes to you all,

Andy, Liz, Martin and Jane